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South Dakota Guide Service

We have been providing exciting hunting and fishing vacations since 1999. With our resort lodging, you experience high quality accommodations while relaxing and enjoying the amenities. We host corporate groups as well as families and friends.

South Dakota walleye fishing with South Dakota Outfitters Unlimited We aim to keep pricing simple to maintain a hassle-free experience for your event.

Our Mission Statement We exist to provide extraordinary outdoor experiences, utilizing our talents to admire and respect our remarkable natural resources.

Our Core Values:
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence

    Safety: We want our customers to know that their safety is our priority. There are risks associated with the activities we provide. As a company, we will perform those services safely, in addition to ensuring that our customers are educated on the proper techniques and safety precautions to keep them and our staff safe.

    We also want to keep our customers healthy. Moderate exercise is a part of being outdoors. We believe that the services we provide enhance the wellbeing of our customers. The food that we provide is also intended to be nutritious.

    Sustainability: We want to keep growing the business to make it better. By acquiring more properties, we are able to better control the habitat, food and cover, to relax the wildlife.

    To ensure that we are only looking at responsible growth that makes us better and not just bigger, sustainability has to be a part of the equation. We need to grow in a way that keeps conservation in the forefront to sustain our natural resources to enable the company to grow. SDOU deer hunting

    Excellence: We want to view all aspects of the business from the customer's perspective. From clean rooms to superior customer service, we want to ensure that the customer experience is the best.

    We care about our customers. We want them to have an excellent vacation, but only if we can do it safely and responsibly.

    We strive to do what is right for our customers, contractors, vendors, and employees regardless of who is watching or who gets the credit. We work as a team and look out for one another.